Air Wick Coupons

Get the latest coupons for Air Wick. Air Wick was developed in 1943 and was welcomed with open arms; it was one of the first odor eliminators that looked great and left homes across the United States smelling clean and fresh.

As the products & fragrances that Air Wick’s provided wowed women in the US, we soon decided that it was time to release our unique aromas into homes across the world, and in 1953 Air Wick burst onto the shelves in Europe, Canada and Australia.

Today Air Wick provides the solution to all your home fragrancing needs and is available in over 60 countries. Our range of products come in a variety of formats and fragrances, from robust automatic sprays to indulgent candles, so now you can ensure your home always smells fresh and inviting, as well as creating just the right atmosphere to enhance your mood.

About Air Wick Air Freshener:
100% Natural propellant for cleaner fragrance
Unlike traditional aerosols that release chemical propellants with fragrance, AIR WICK Air Freshener utilizes compressed fresh air to propel a soft, gentle mist, delivering a cleaner fragrance experience. It also produces 40% less carbon footprint than traditional aerosols.

Air Wick Candles:
Air Wick Candles fill the room with luxurious fragrances, creating the perfect ambience for your home. With essential oils, Air Wick® candles are the perfect way to brighten your home.

Air Wick New Products

Grand Canyon
Be awestruck by the breathtaking majesty of Grand Canyon
National Park then discover the subtle floral notes of delicate
cactus blossoms carried on the warm summer breeze.

American Samoa
Explore the lush paradise of American Samoa National Park
to finally reach the sweet refreshing notes of native coconut
& island palms.

Hawaii Kaloko-Honokohau
Escape to a tropical island sunset in Hawaii Kaloko – Honokohau
National Historical Park and savor the unspoiled notes of exotic
papaya and hibiscus flower.

Seek renewal in the sun-drenched valleys of Denali National
Park while breathing in the clean notes of pure cotton grass
& fresh spring air.

Virgin Islands
Find yourself in the idyllic paradise of Virgin Islands
National Park and uncover the delightful notes of tropical
plumeria and sweet honeysuckle.

Gulf Islands
Exclusively at Walmart
Relax into the tranquil serenity of Gulf Islands National Park
and drift away with the warm notes of soft sand and wild
dune grass.